PGC’s Cole Kelleher Appointed as U.S. Representative to SCAGI

The Polar Geospatial Center (PGC) is very excited to share honorable news that Cole Kelleher is the newly designated U.S. representative to the international SCAR Standing Committee on Antarctic Geographic Information (SCAGI). This position was previously held by former PGC director, Paul Morin, who has stepped down. Kelleher’s designation maintains PGC’s prestige as a leader in Antarctic geospatial information, science, and support. 

Kelleher first joined the PGC team in 2011 as a graduate student and has since evolved into the Center’s Satellite Tasking Coordinator. His role is critical for enabling remote sensing science and monitoring in areas of interest as well as advancing PGC’s efforts in creating high resolution digital elevation models from satellite stereoscopic imagery (ie. ArcticDEM, REMA, and EarthDEM). 

Kelleher’s passion is evident by his many accomplishments and contributions to Antarctic science support in addition to his 8 deployments to the Antarctic for the United States Antarctic Program (USAP). Other contributions include capturing imagery of the McMurdo Dry Valleys for Google Street View, producing the SCAGI Air Operations map series, and leading improvement efforts of Antarctic placename locations. Kelleher has been a member of SCAGI since 2018 and looks forward to continuing his commitment to accurate, accessible, and collaborative Antarctic data and research.

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