As a United States government-funded research organization, PGC strives to provide transparent reporting and community impact for our sponsors, stakeholders, core users, and the general public.


National Science Foundation

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Education & Outreach

The PGC staffs an Education & Outreach Coordinator to engage its users, the science community, and the general public. PGC provides workshops (notably our annual Summer Polar Boot Camp), webinars, training, and online documentation (check out our Guides section) geared to both core and new users.

PGC has impacted millions of “armchair explorers” with our Google Street View campaign (Antarctica, Greenland) and educates and engages with learners of all ages by visiting local schools and community events.

Our Community section provides up-to-date resources on events, news, projects, and more.



Publications by PGC

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Publications Supported by PGC

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PGC has provided geospatial support to hundreds of research groups and their academic works. A full curriculum vitae can be accessed using the “Publications List” link.