Web Applications

Browser-based web applications and tools providing access to polar data.


Web applications from PGC require JavaScript to be enabled on your browser (if you can read this, Javascript is probably already enabled).

It is highly recommended that you have the latest version of your browser. Many of these applications will not work with Internet Explorer 9 or below.

Many of the web applications are best viewed on desktop, especially if you are looking to browse and download data.

PGC User Account

Many of the web applications below require an account with the PGC as they may contained licensed data or provide services to PGC core users only.

An account with the PGC is required to request any licensed data via the applications.


The Federal Researcher Imagery Download & Geodata Exploration (FRIDGE) System is a portal for PGC core users to search, preview, and request PGC data products.

FRIDGE is currently under development and will be released in 2018.

PGC Imagery viewers

Browser-based mapping application for viewing polar data layers including PGC’s 50 cm imagery mosaics for Antarctica and the Arctic.

A login is required to view this application.

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PGC Map Catalog

Browse and download thousands of scanned and georeferenced historical and contemporary polar maps.

More information is available on the Maps page.

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Coordinate Converter

Lightweight web application for converting geographic coordinates between different formats.

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Esri has developed a web application, ArcticDEM Explorer, to browse and download ArcticDEM elevation data.

Visualize the ArcticDEM dataset, apply basic change detection and analysis, and search the index.

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Esri has developed a web application, REMA Explorer, to browse and download Reference Elevation Model of Antarctica (REMA) data.

A link to the app will be here when REMA is released.

PGC ArcGIS Online

View the PGC’s ArcGIS Online page for access to many of PGC’s geospatial data services, available to view in an ArcGIS.com map or desktop GIS (ArcMap, QGIS).

A login is required to view some items.

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Antarctic TMA Viewer

ArcGIS Online web mapping application for browsing Antarctic TMA aerial photography from 1946 to 2000.

More information is available on the Aerial Photography page.

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COMNAP Data Dashboard

Management interface for Managers of National Antarctic Programs to edit information (including AFIM) in the COMNAP database.

To gain access, contact the COMNAP Secretariat.

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ICE-D Antarctica

Map-based browse interface for Antarctic cosmogenic-nuclide exposure sample data.

This app was developed by PGC in collaboration with Greg Balco at the Berkeley Geochronology Center.

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As part of the Rapid Ice Sheet Change Observatory (RISCO), the RapidIce Viewer web application provides multi-resolution, multi-temporal satellite imagery for select outlet glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica.

This app was developed by PGC in collaboration with Ian Howat at The Ohio State University.