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Geospatial Support

The PGC is funded to provide geospatial support and data products to the polar science community. We offer services to United States federally-funded polar researchers and contract staff including commercial satellite imagery delivery, custom mapping, and project support.

PGC’s funding allows us to serve researchers with active awards National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs, NASA Cryospheric Sciences, or NASA ABoVE and U.S. contractors and agencies in support of those missions.

Data Access

PGC has an archive of many open data products such as digital elevation models, historic and contemporary polar maps, and historic aerial photography.

Open data is available at no cost.

Licensed data, namely commercial satellite imagery, is available to PGC core users only. See “Common Questions” below for more information on eligibility.

If you are looking to make a data request through the PGC, please take a moment to learn about our Data + Services:

Open Data

For use by anyone. Explore, view, and download a variety of polar geospatial datasets.

By using or downloading data from the PGC, you adhere to our Data Acknowledgement Policy

Historical and contemporary polar maps from many organizations available in digital formats.

Antarctic maps
Arctic maps
Custom maps

Aerial Photography
Historic and contemporary aerial photography of the polar regions.

Antarctic TMA Project
Alaska AHAP Project

High-resolution, high-quality digital surface model (DSM) of the Arctic using optical stereo imagery, high-performance computing, and open source photogrammetry software.

2m posting scenes
8m posting mosaic

More Elevation Data
Spaceborne and airborne elevation datasets for the polar regions.

Antarctic LiDAR Campaigns
Stereo DEMs

Licensed Data

High resolution satellite imagery from DigitalGlobe available to PGC users at no additional cost to their award.

Commercial Satellite Imagery
High resolution satellite imagery from DigitalGlobe for U.S. polar researchers.


Common Questions

What is PGC User Services?

User Services is the staff at PGC that provides direct support to our core users. User Services is trained in geospatial fields to provide expertise and assistance in working with our data.

PGC core users are assigned a single point of contact (POC) who will work with you to answer questions and fulfill requests. Not sure who your POC is? Send us a message.

Where can I download geospatial data?

PGC’s open data can be directly downloaded from our website. See the “Open Data” section above to guide you to the correct portal.

Licensed data (including commercial satellite imagery) is only available to PGC core users and must be requested through us directly.

Am I allowed to receive licensed data?

To receive PGC support or licensed data, all users must be either:

  1. On an active research award in the United States through NSF Office of Polar Programs or NASA Cryospheric Sciences Program
  2. Working to support a federal mission or initiative in the polar regions in affiliation with NSF Office of Polar Programs or NASA Cryospheric Sciences
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How do I “prove” my funding or association?

PGC maintains a list of users and awards to determine the proper support. You can update and add awards through your PGC account.

The User Services team reviews all submissions and may contact you with further questions.

After your awards are “approved,” PGC will designate a point of contact for you

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I’m eligible, how do I make a request?

If you have worked with PGC before, contact your PGC point of contact.

If not, we suggest the following Guides to get yourself acquainted with the support workflow with PGC.

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What are the usage restrictions on licensed data?

Commercial satellite imagery, for example, can only be used for the duration of your award and only for that project’s purpose.

All imagery provided by PGC is subject to copyright by DigitalGlobe and the NGA NextView license.

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