September 30th Webinar Science Speaker – Dr. Ellyn Enderlin

This presentation has been recorded and is available here.

In light of the Arctic and Antarctic field seasons cancellations and changes, the PGC is taking this opportunity to showcase some of our users’ remote sensing based techniques and research that may inspire or supplement any project changes others have experienced.

This summer and fall, we have invited some of our users to be guest Science Speakers. Join us to learn about the different efforts to utilize remote sensing in polar science.

Our fourth guest science speaker is Dr. Ellyn Enderlin at Boise State University presenting “Remote Sensing of Icebergs: Can iceberg elevation time series provide insights into changing glacier-ocean interactions?”

Abstract: Icebergs have long instilled fear in the hearts of polar navigators, motivating the development of in situ and remotely-sensed datasets to monitor their movement in regions where they pose hazards to commercial shipping operations. Although icebergs have been tracked in the open ocean for decades, there was relatively little research on icebergs in glacial fjords prior to the 21st century. In this presentation, I will explain how high-resolution remotely-sensed elevation time series of icebergs in glacial fjords can be used as a tool to better understand changing ice-ocean interactions in otherwise inaccessible locations. I will focus primarily on estimation of iceberg freshwater fluxes and melt rates by members of my group and what those data can potentially tell us about submarine melt conditions near glacier termini. Iceberg melt data will be presented for both Greenland and Antarctica, including new iceberg melt time series for a dozen locations spanning the Antarctic periphery. I will also briefly describe promising new research that utilizes iceberg elevation time series and fragmentation theory to explore controls on iceberg calving. Although the full potential of iceberg elevation data is still unknown, this presentation will hopefully inspire you to think more about icebergs!

Webinar Details:

SPEAKER: dr. ellyn enderlin
TITLE:  Remote Sensing of Icebergs: Can iceberg elevation time series provide insights into changing glacier-ocean interactions?
Date: wednesday, september 30, 2020
time: 12-1 pm central

If you are a PGC User, use remote sensing techniques in your polar research and would like to become a guest science speaker, please contact for more information.

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