October 14th Webinar Science Speaker – Andrew Fleming

This presentation has been recorded and is available here.

In light of the Arctic and Antarctic field seasons cancellations and changes, the PGC is taking this opportunity to showcase some of our users’ remote sensing based techniques and research that may inspire or supplement any project changes others have experienced.

This summer and fall, we have invited some of our users to be guest Science Speakers. Join us to learn about the different efforts to utilize remote sensing in polar science.

Our fifth guest science speaker is Andrew Fleming at the British Antarctic Survey presenting “Ships in the ice – Keeping Antarctic mariners up to date”

Abstract: The British Antarctic Survey and other ship operators in the Southern Ocean need up-to-date sea ice information to keep them safe and support efficient navigation choices. This requirement for easily accessible ice information extends from the immediate needs of the ships to longer term planning of seasonal schedules. BAS utilises a wide range of information, in particular Copernicus Sentinel-1 radar imagery, to deliver the Polar View service to all users in the Southern Ocean for over 15 years. In this presentation I will describe the motivations and implementation of Polar View. We will cover the types of information provided, the importance of near-real-time delivery, the data processing chain involved, considerations of new cloud processing platforms and novel (machine learning) options for extracting relevant information. The presentation will conclude with some ideas about the future direction of the service and relevant case studies of our support to Antarctic operations.

Webinar Details:

SPEAKER: Andrew Fleming
TITLE:  ships in ice – keeping antarctic mariners up to date
Date: wednesday, october 14, 2020
time: 10-11 am central
registration: https://umn.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_eRY7f8RVS1aeSY3ZB7m0Jw

If you are a PGC User, use remote sensing techniques in your polar research and would like to become a guest science speaker, please contact ctorresp@umn.edu for more information.

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