PGC News & Announcements (September 16, 2020)

PGC News and Announcements

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Thomas  Juntunen  TributeThomas Juntunen, Geospatial Developer at the Polar Geospatial Center (PGC), passed away on Wednesday, Aug 26th. Thomas began working for PGC when he was a graduate student in the University of Minnesota’s Masters of Geographic Information Science program and stayed on as a valued staff member for the past eleven years.  He helped turn a small Antarctic mapping project into a successful science support organization helping scientists in both the Arctic and Antarctic accomplish groundbreaking new research.  He served as PGC’s satellite imagery archivist, designing and building software systems that facilitated the use of millions of satellite images by the scientific and polar logistics communities.  His work revolutionized the way science is done in polar regions.  He was proud to be part of PGC, and as was usual for him, he could never quite believe that he played a crucial role.

Thomas was known for his generous spirit and open heart, for sharing interesting tidbits of trivia that he thought were right up your alley, for wearing his heart on his sleeve, and for his meandering and welcoming conversations.  He loved geeking out on science, technology, and anything related to space.  He could (and would) discuss science fiction with you for hours. He approached the world with curiosity, innocence, and profound humility.  Though he confessed he was sometimes unable to pick up on social cues, he would always respond with heartfelt empathy to the struggles of others.  He was a beloved part of our lives, and we miss him terribly.

Antarctic Multispectral Mosaic:
Updated & Extended

We’ve updated the existing PGC 2 meter Multispectral Mosaics that are available to Users in our imagery viewer application and GIS web services with new areas (indicated in green outline). These new Mosaics include exposed bedrock geology throughout the entire Antarctic continent. Areas outlined in yellow indicate tiles released in November 2019. Areas containing incomplete tiles will be updated as more imagery with low cloud cover have been collected.
Details and registration can be found by
visiting the 
PGC Viewers App homepage.
PGC verifies all funding sources after you submit an account request.


Science Speakers Webinar Series – Fall Lineup

Due to cancelled polar field seasons in 2020, this summer we started a new edition to our PGC Users Webinar Series with “Science Speakers”. We’ve invited some of our users that employ remote sensing based techniques and research projects that may inspire or supplement any project changes others have experienced.

Our summer speakers were a great success and thank you to those that attended. Please check out the upcoming fall presentations below.

We hope you’ll join us in learning more about our users’ cutting edge research.
Click the images to sign up today!Registration is required. Click the image for registration link.

Previous webinar materials are available on our website within the About > Impact page under ‘Education & Outreach.’

Reminder: Postponed Antarctic On-Ice Support 20-21

This is a friendly reminder that our in-person presence in McMurdo Station, Antarctica is being postponed to future years. Although PGC will not be deploying for the 2020-21 field season, our products and services are still available. Contact our User Services team to discuss possibilities of how PGC can help your science and logistic objectives.

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