PGC Website Guides – Newly Added “Coding & Utilities” Section

The PGC provides a suite of scripts, tools and utilities to automate, organize, process and analyze our core data products, namely commercial satellite imagery.

All tools are free to download and use from PGC’s GitHub webpage: Our newly added guides section, “Coding & Utilities” includes articles providing detailed instructions on script functionality, software specifics, and a sample workflow.

Are you interested in batch image orthorectification or pansharpening? Or are you working with an overabundance of ArcticDEM or REMA data and need to index, shelve, copy or modify? These are the same tools we use in-house for processing data for core users.

Check out the PGC Coding & Utilities Guides to learn more.

PGC Coding & Utilities

These programs are distributed without any warranty; without the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Specific details pertaining to licenses can be accessed on each tool’s GitHub repository.

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