PGC’s Cole Kelleher: Time to Eat the Dogs Podcast

Kelleher Street View

PGC’s Cole Kelleher was featured in Episode 42: Mapping the Polar Regions in the Time to Eat the Dogs podcast. Time to Eat the Dogs, by Hillyer College, University of Hartford professor Michael Robinson is a “blog about science, history, and exploration.” From the original post:

Cole Kelleher talks about his work for the Polar Geospatial Center at the University of Minnesota, an agency that uses satellite data to support polar scientists in the field. In addition to making maps, Kelleher works with polar scientists, and coolest of all, has teamed up with Google to provide street views of McMurdo Station in Antarctica.


Length: 31:02

If the audio fails to load, you can listen to the original podcast at this link:

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