Information for Proposers


Information for researchers writing a proposal and seeking support from the PGC.

Proposing Investigators

If you are a researcher and proposing to a grant solicitation, PGC can provide letters of support for your project.

Many times, soliciting award agencies will require a letter of support from service organizations (such as the PGC) which will outline the scope and feasibility of the service(s) provided.

If you are proposing to the National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs or NASA Cryospheric Sciences, you qualify, if funded, as a PGC core user.

During Proposal

The guidelines below are what PGC can and cannot provide to proposing investigators.

These are only guidelines and there may be exceptions for certain circumstances.

In this context, “Imagery” refers to Maxar commercial satellite imagery.

Support Explanation
Letter of Support PGC can provide a letter of support to include with your proposal if you are applying to NSF OPP or NASA Cryospheric Sciences.
Project Scoping Not quite sure what the PGC can do? Send us a message and our User Services team will gladly answer any questions.
Proof-of-Concept Imagery Due to the licensing restrictions, PGC cannot provide any commercial satellite imagery for award proposals, even if you’re already funded on another award.
Imagery Index PGC cannot directly provide indexes or availability of imagery in your proposal geographic area. Refer to the Requesting Imagery guide for more information.
Custom Maps PGC cannot create maps (e.g. study area maps) to include in your proposal. However, you can use maps from our site with the proper acknowledgement.

Letters of Support

Letters of support come from PGC’s Co-Acting Director, Jonathan Pundsack.

Contact Jonathan Pundsack to discuss your project and request a letter of support.

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