ArcticDEM is a National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and National Science Foundation (NSF) public-private initiative to automatically produce a high-resolution, high-quality digital surface model (DSM) of the Arctic using optical stereo imagery, high-performance computing, and open source photogrammetry software. The product is a collection of time-dependent DEM strips and a seamless terrain mosaic that can be distributed without restriction.


  • Introduction to ArcticDEM

    The ArcticDEM is a collaborative project to produce a 2-meter resolution pan-Arctic Digital Elevation Model.

  • Data Description

    Detailed specification of the ArcticDEM deliverables.

  • Distribution

    How to search, discover and download ArcticDEM data.

  • Additional Information

    ArcticDEM FAQ, license and usage, disclaimer, citation, and contact information.