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SETSM Digital Surface Models

Welcome to the SETSM data discovery page. You can bookmark this page now for quick access to SETSM stereo-photogrammetric Digital Surface Models. For more information on the SETSM process, please visit the main stereo-photogrammetric DEM page or contact Myoung-Jong Noh at The Ohio State University's Byrd Polar Research Center, Glacier Dynamics Research Group (view profile).  These data were processed using computing resources at the Ohio Supercomputing Center. The datasets below are in BETA release; more coverage and enhanced processing will be available in the full release.

The SETSM surface models are divided into 100 km by 100 km tiles for ease of distribution. Click a tile on the map below to preview and go to the download directory. For each tile, there are 25 (20 km by 20 km) subtiles (1_1, 1_2, 4_1, 4_2, etc) which can be downloaded in a zipped file (tar.gz).

In most cases, the tiles are only partially covered with data. In some cases, very little existing data fall within a particular tile, so that the tile appears empty in the browser. The tiles with be updated with more data coverage, and new tiles will be added, as new DEMs are acquired and produced.

Example Subtile Schematic:

The datasets available (downloadable as a zipped TAR file) for each subtile include:

  • 1. 32-bit GeoTIFF elevation raster - SETSM_<region>_<tile>_<subtile>_DEM.tif
  • 2. 32-bit GeoTIFF date raster - SETSM_<region>_<tile>_<subtile>_Date.tif
  • Raster values depict the date of the stereo pair used to derive the elevation value. Pixels are integers representing the date in yyyymmdd format.
  • 3. Downsampled (32-meter resolution) elevation raster - SETSM_<region>_<tile>_<subtile>_DEM_overview.tif
  • 4. Downsampled (80-meter resolution) hillshade imageSETSM_<region>_<tile>_<subtile>_browse.jpg
  • 5. 8-bit GeoTIFF Match Raster - SETSM_<region>_<tile>_<subtile>_Match.tif
  • Raster values depict which pixels were calculated by the DEM extraction process (value:1) and which were interpolated (value:0).
  • 6. Metadata & README fileSETSM_<region>_<tile>_<subtile>_meta.txt

Map Browser (Arctic):

If the map below fails to load, you can browse the directory here