Steve Foga

Steve Foga

Geospatial Developer

(612) 625-6194

What I Do

My role is to design and support the software behind data product generation at the Polar Geospatial Center. My background is in remote sensing and glaciology, which are both tied together using geospatial coding.

  • M.S. Geography, University of Kansas, 2016
  • B.G.S. Geography, University of Kansas, 2011

I enjoy biking, running, reading, hiking, travelling, writing code, and nurturing the 30+ plants around the house. I am not originally from the Twin Cities area, so exploring the area and its numerous eateries has been my current focus.


Foga, S., Scaramuzza, P.L., Guo, S., Zhu, Z., Dilley, R.D., Beckmann, T., Schmidt, G.L., Dwyer, J.L., Hughes, M.J., & Laue, B. (2017). Cloud detection algorithm comparison and validation for operational Landsat data products. Remote Sensing of Environment, 194, 379-390. doi:10.1016/j.rse.2017.03.026.

Foga, S., Stearns, L. A., & van der Veen, C. J. (2014). Application of satellite remote sensing techniques to quantify terminus and ice mélange behavior at Helheim Glacier, East Greenland. Marine Technology Society Journal, 48(5), 81-91. doi:10.4031/MTSJ.48.5.3.