Brad Herried

Brad Herried

Cartographer & GIS Developer


What I Do

Since joining the PGC in 2008, my role at the PGC has evolved. I am the lead cartographer, creating custom planning and reference maps (digital and print) for polar researchers. My primary job, though, is building web mapping applications for specialized projects and discovering PGC data. I develop applications using many different mapping APIs, but primarily within the ArcGIS ecosystem and the JavaScript API.

I’ve been deployed to Antarctica for eight consecutive austral summer seasons and provide direct geospatial support at McMurdo Station, along with some fun activities including Google Street View.

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  • Master of GIS, University of Minnesota, 2010
  • B.A. Cartography & GIS, University of Wisconsin, 2008

I like to travel. I enjoy the challenge of learning about places (even if it is in the next state over): the geography, the history, the culture. Most often, I prefer to be a traveler, not a tourist.

I enjoy cooking, wine, and exploring the Twin Cities’ brewery scenes (hint: Dangerous Man is my favorite). Despite living in Minnesota, I always back my Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers.